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So let me get right to the point...

WTF Mate?
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We are Sapphs, Specks, Pres, Jess, Sab, Kirsten, Cleito and Fi. What to say about the eight hottest girls on the fucking planet. We're sassy, loud, talk a lot and not afraid to get a little touchy feely with any willing sci fi actor/actress - well one of us anyway!!!

If you are reading this...I apologise - but I also give compliments to your moxie as it means you have been granted passage into the inner realm...either that or someone made a fucking funny comment about someone we know you hate and we thought it should be shared with you...back to us though.

We span three continents, three countries and many many many personality traits. But it just so happens we mix damn well...and no I do not mean the drinks because damn it Jess you are CRAP at it...but in that good 'gets you off your nut really fast' kind of way.

So now that you know us, and we know you, and we know us...we say so long, farewell...nah I won't go that far. In the words of T to the orri H - OH FUCK ME!